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Margie - Not pictured at Lake Oconee

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I like to talk…A LOT.  So I figured why not talk about my life and happenings around the area of Georgia called the Lake Country.  I was born here and spend most of my childhood in Greensboro.  I spent my teenage and college years living up the road in Athens but returned last year to help my parents open up a new Bed and Breakfast, the Goodwin Manor.

I graduated from UGA in 2005 and moved to Charleston, SC for a change of scenery.  I worked in a couple of restaurants trying to find my way and ended up falling in love with the real estate industry.  I got my license while working for a developer there and somewhere along the line I found time to meet a boy, Drew.

He whisked me away to the South Pacific islands on his sailboat for a couple of years.  It was an amazing experience.  We visited islands of all sorts from Tahiti and Bora Bora to New Zealand and Australia.  In January we sold the boat in Australia and traded our sea legs for land legs.   Once again I am living back in Greensboro!  Drew and I got engaged in August and we’re getting married here next September at my parents house. We keep a wedding planning blog as well. Drew owns a party and event rental business called Goodwin Event Rentals.

Margie in Hong Kong