Depersonalizing Your Home-Real Estate Tips

DEpersonalizing Is Clutch In Your Very PERSONAL Decision To Sell. I recently visited the home of a friend in North Carolina who is trying to sell her home. Normally when you walk into her house you’re wrapped in the comfort of photos of friends and family, trinkets from her travels, and just a general feel for who she is and where she’s been. It is, after all, her home. Thus, after her Agent got ahold of it, is no longer the case. The wall decorations are minimal. The countertops are clear. Family and friends…what family and friends? I talked to my friend about the process and she said it was very difficult for her to get rid of all of her personal things. She will remain in the home until it sells and it is hard for her to live there and it be so…bare (for lack of a better word). She does, however, understand why it has to be this way. I’m glad she does because so many people do not get it.

Certain topics in real estate feel as if they’ve been beaten to death. FHA Loans. It’s All About Price. Staging to Sell is another but we will continue to beat until Sellers agree to listen. If you really want to sell, you have to make it about the Buyer, not about yourself. When they walk into your home they HAVE TO BE ABLE TO imagine themselves living there or 9 out of 10 times they’ll walk right back out the door. A few things you can do to ensure that their attention is on the home and not distracted:

1) Put away the “photo album.” Does this mean every picture has to come down? No. A frame here, a photo there is fine. Tables, shelves, countertops, the fridge, and anything of the sort, however, do need to be as clean and clear as possible. Again, eliminate distractions. The last thing you want is a Buyer to walk in the door and their focus is drawn away from what is most important, that being the home, and is instead on you. They’re not emotionally attached to you therefore it will hinder more than help.

2) Smells. Go ahead, laugh, but you wouldn’t believe the number of homes I walk into on a daily basis and immediately my focus goes to the smell. Now obviously you can’t list your home and just because it’s on the market that means you can’t cook anything with a strong, lingering smell until your home sells or that you can’t let your animals in the house. But you do have to realize that these things affect your home therefore you need to take the necessary steps to minimalize the effects they have as much as possible. Pets can be such a make it or break it factor in the housing market. Roughly 39% of homeowners in the U.S. own a dog. We’re talking large amounts of Kibble. If you have a pet, take the necessary precautions to protect carpet, minimalize hair, and anything else that might hinder someone from being interested in your property. Your house is going on the market? You might want to seriously consider having the carpets steam cleaned. Odor is the quickest route to an “Oh no, I’m not interested.”

3) Childrens Rooms. I’m treading thin water here and I know that this is a sensitive subject for people but point of the matter is, I, as an Agent, am here to get your house sold. If we come to show your home and it’s a merry-go-round of step overs and having to watch feet because of toys…instant distraction.

4) The last thing I’ll touch on is paint colors and wallpaper. Again, you wouldn’t believe how quickly someone can get completely turned off by a wall color or pattern of wallpaper. A homeowner might say, “well, I liked it and it’s their problem if they don’t,” and that’s true but if it keeps them from being able to see the big picture and for you the big picture is them buying your home, it’s your problem too. Remember the goal at hand, depersonalizing. I know it’s an expense that’s hard to deal with sometimes when you’re trying to sell but neutral colors are called neutral for a reason. It might be a good idea to replace that orange paint with a more subtle color. $15 at Home Depot can go a long way. Trust me on this one!

Hope you are having a phenomenal weekend!


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Living back in my birthplace, the Lake Oconee/Greensboro area of Georgia after several years of traveling and sailing in the South Pacific. Blogging about life, business, real estate, and news. Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say "hi!" This blog is the most popular online news source in the area reaching hundreds, sometimes thousands, of residents and visitors a day! Thanks! Margie aka Marge at Large, Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty
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