OPAS- Cardboard Boat Regatta

Ever wonder what to do with the cardboard boxes lying around in your attic or garage? For some unique ideas be sure to come out this Saturday as OPAS presents the 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta! Who knew cardboard could be so much fun!? Kendrick Harris and the rest of the staff at OPAS are excited for the showdown.

“This year’s Village Cardboard Boat Regatta is going to be the best one yet! There are 12 boats registered so that means 12 different charities of their choices will benefit. Also this year, OPAS has added the World’s Fastest Cardboard Kayak Challenge. There isn’t anything better than watching the community have a great time for a good cause!”

This year’s event takes place from 2p.m.-6p.m. at Lake Oconee Village by the pond next to Publix with the Tropical Breeze Steel Drum Band there to provide live entertainment. Watch on as teams compete in competitions including Pride of the Fleet, which is the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Boat. Drop a buck into the jar of your favorite design and all proceeds from the contest will go to their charity.

At 4 p.m. teams make their way down to the water in a show of pride dubbed the Parade of Beauty. They then compete for The Black Pearl, Second Hand Rose, or the Third Wheel awards in their class which is grouped according to their team size. Groups of 1 to 5 will be part of the Schooner Class and teams of 6 to 10 (the max) are part of the Brigantine Class.

Who will prevail as the last boat floating!?

“The Last Boat Afloat competition is the very last event where teams attack each other’s boat and fight for the Unsinkable Molly Brown award,” Kendrick said.

If you’re competing in the event and for whatever reason your boat starts taking on water, go down with a bang cause there’s an award called the Titanic for the most spectacular sinking : )

(all photos courtesy of OPAS)

The event is free to the community so no reason not to come out and show your support! Cardboard and rain don’t necessarily mix so if whether isn’t permitting, the event is rescheduled for August 20th.


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