Extreme Makeover in Madison, Georgia

Went back yesterday for another day of volunteering on the set of Extreme Makeover. Anaiah Rucker and her family return tomorrow from their Walt Disney World vacation. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the entire local community, a new and much easier life will be waiting for them. It is unbelievable how quickly this house is flying up!

Extreme Makeover in Madison, Georgia

Front of the Home Getting Siding

Extreme Home Makeover Madison

Back of the Home

Anaiah Rucker Madison Georgia

THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of smashed bottle caps

Extreme Makeover Madison, Georgia

Some of the stars filming a segment for the show

Pilot Builders Lake Oconee

Chris Hilsman of Pilot Builders quick photo op

Extreme Makeover Madison, Georgia

The entire community has come together and worked so hard


About Margie

Living back in my birthplace, the Lake Oconee/Greensboro area of Georgia after several years of traveling and sailing in the South Pacific. Blogging about life, business, real estate, and news. Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say "hi!" This blog is the most popular online news source in the area reaching hundreds, sometimes thousands, of residents and visitors a day! Thanks! Margie aka Marge at Large, Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty
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