Towable Tailgates-Eatonton,Georgia

Part of being a good realtor (and resident) here on Lake Oconee is understanding all aspects of the local community; the neighborhoods, the people, the government, and, most especially, the businesses. So, after breaking the news about Eyelevel Interactive and Goodwin Event Rentals on this blog, I have decided to periodically profile Lake Oconee companies and showcase the people who create jobs and contribute to our “local GDP.”

Towable Tailgates-Eatonton,Georgia

Towable Tailgates-Eatonton,Georgia (l to r)Josh Daniel & Jason Green, Owners and Operators

What started as a love for the Georgia Bulldogs and college game day Saturdays has turned into a full blown business for Josh Daniel & Jason Green of Eatonton, Georgia. Towable Tailgates provides the ultimate tailgating experience for the most loyal of fans.  These guys make luxury tailgate trailers complete with TV’s, built-in grills, coolers and even your own bathroom!  I say it comes with a TV but it’s really a mobile home theater system with a DirecTV HD receiver. Options include microwaves, fridges, fluorescent lights, aluminum wheels, generators, kegs, and did I mention your own bathroom!

Towable Tailgates-Eatonton,GeorgiaTowable Tailgates teamed up with Horton Vans, also of Eatonton, to create these custom tailgating, concessional, and promotional trailers. Horton Vans creates the shell of the trailer in about 3 weeks and within a week or two, Josh & Jason add all the customizations.

“People who love boating on Lake Oconee go out and spend money on boats and jet skis because that’s their hobby, what they love to do, and they want to do it in style. Well, for others, their hobby might be sports and tailgating so they should have the same options for luxury while they enjoy their time off,” Jason said.

The idea wasn’t an instant success but early last year Josh & Jason were contacted by Pepsi.  They were asked to provide three “Ultimate Tailgater’s” that Pepsi wanted to give away as prizes in the Pepsi Max Nascar Ultimate Tailgate Sweepstakes at Talladega Superspeedway.

“Our first year in business we didn’t make a single trailer,” Josh said. “It took some time for the idea to take off and the call from Pepsi definitely helped put us on the map.”

Since that call almost 60 custom trailers have been made including their longest trailer which was 28 feet in length and designed for the Fox Sports Tailgate Tour. The more popular models are a bit smaller like the “Junior Tailgater” at 5X8 ft and the “Ultimate Tailgater” at 6X10.

Towable Tailgates-Eatonton,Georgia

"Junior Tailgater" Model

Towable Tailgates-Eatonton,Georgia

"Ultimate Tailgater" Model

When I asked what inspired the idea and how their trailers simplify the process of tailgating Jason’s response was exactly what led them to the idea in the first place.

“We were there, every week, cheering on the Dawgs and the whole process of packing up the car to go home only to have to unpack when you got there, it got to be too much. For devoted people like us, the idea of being able to pack it up once for the entire season made a lot sense,” he said.

“We never thought that in making things easier on ourselves we’d one day have the chance to do it for others as well but we’re glad for the opportunity and are happy our product appeals to other people too,” chipped in Josh.

For more info, pricing, or to contact Josh and Jason for the chance to create your own tailgating masterpiece visit their website, Towable Tailgates, or call 1-877-7-TOWABLE.


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