Another new Company coming to Lake Oconee – Goodwin Event Rentals

I admit it’s a little self-serving but I have to announce another new company coming to the Lake Oconee Area.  I’m just so excited to see folks up and moving again in the business world!

Besides Eyelevel Interactive (which I’ll have more info about in the coming weeks), another young company, Goodwin Event Rentals has established itself and is looking for warehouse space.  My fiancé, Drew, has been working on the idea for a year to bring an upscale, party rental business to Lake Oconee.  It started with the concept of buying a tent to rent for parties and weddings at my parent’s new Bed and Breakfast in downtown Greensboro.  That idea morphed into a full-scale event rental business complete with chairs, tables, dance floors, and multiple large tents.  Last summer he did a survey of almost 500 potential and past brides/grooms (and their parents and various event planners).  He used that information to determine the best products to buy.  In December he started visiting suppliers all over the country and abroad.  Right now he’s in St. Petersburg, FL at an industry tradeshow devoted to tents.  He’s spending his nights finishing up the website and working on real estate videos for me (thanks babe!).

In the past 8 days, he’s quoted eleven events for the year with no advertising!  I’m unbelievably proud!

If anyone knows of some available warehouse space in the area, Drew is looking for 7-10,000 sq ft to start.  And he’s booking for events from April onwards so keep him in mind for your next party!

Lake Oconee Athens GA Party Rentals


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