New Years Eve at the Ritz Carlton, Lake Oconee

The holidays brought about a lot of great times for Drew and me. For Turkey Day we were able to go up to Raleigh and spend three or four days celebrating the holiday with Drew’s family. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to be together for Christmas we went ahead and celebrated that too! Back to Greensboro for a few quick weeks of work and holiday shopping and before we knew it my family was pouring in for the Christmas holiday. I come from a rather large family of five children so needless to say my parents house was slap full. Everyone was able to make it home this year, along with their significant others, and an extra ounce of joy and entertainment in the form of my only nephew (thus far), Reo. We sat around the Goodwin Manor for four days talking, EATING, reliving memories of past Christmas’, and just enjoying the company and warmth of family. There is no better way to enjoy the holidays, right? As if the holidays weren’t complete enough, we had a white Christmas for the first time since the late 1800’s! Seeing how snow is not a norm in these parts we don’t exactly keep sleds around so we improvised and oh, the fun I had pulling my nephew around on a plastic top while he squealed in delight even though he toppled over every five feet. A few shots from around the house during the holidays…
My mom with all her kiddos
We said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed in 2011 with a bang! Having been invited to the Ritz Carlton by some great friends I made this past summer at the Lake Club, we happily accepted and anticipated a great time. The Ritz definitely delivered! Don & Debora McKay of Chicago are members of Reynolds and have a condo basically right next door to us here in the plantation which they come down to visit 4+ times a year. We joined them, their daughters, other friends, and family for pre-meal cocktails before making our way to Georgia’s for dinner.

Walking into the Ritz we were greeted by swarms of people in the lobby listening to live music as they danced, socialized, and enjoyed vibrant cocktails. Just so happened my dad had joined the band that evening so I waved a quick hello to him before making our way downstairs. Awaiting us was such an incredible meal! Five courses with ample things to choose from, each just as scrumptious sounding as the next. For myself…jumbo shrimp cocktail to start, vidalia onion soup, tomato and basil salad with fresh mozzarella, huge sea scallops seared to perfection as my main, and a chocolate goodness whose name I cannot remember for dessert. It was so perfect looking I could barely bring myself to dive in. Moments before midnight we made our way back upstairs to the lawn and gathered around the fire pit overlooking the lake for the firework festivities. Huge groups of people were spread out all over the lawn, Gaby’s next to the lake was still swarmed with people finishing up their own delicious dinners, and everyone was drink in hand as the night sky was lit up with reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues. The rest of the evening we spent dancing to the music and it seemed every time we turned there was yet another familiar face. I’ve come to realize that is something you come to expect anytime you go out in this area. You can almost count on the fact that you will run into someone you know! A great time was had by all and to make sure everyone who needed a ride would get home safely, Lakeside Travel and Limousine was there to offer their services. Overall, an incredible night of fun with friends!

Drew and I both have an incredible year ahead of us. One we know will be full of wedding planning, each of us starting a business, and LOTS of hard work. Welcome 2011, here’s hoping you’ll be good to us!


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Living back in my birthplace, the Lake Oconee/Greensboro area of Georgia after several years of traveling and sailing in the South Pacific. Blogging about life, business, real estate, and news. Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say "hi!" This blog is the most popular online news source in the area reaching hundreds, sometimes thousands, of residents and visitors a day! Thanks! Margie aka Marge at Large, Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty
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One Response to New Years Eve at the Ritz Carlton, Lake Oconee

  1. Clare says:

    I love the Ritz – it’s where we stayed on our wedding night and is just an absolutely gorgeous hotel and property! The infiniti pool is my favorite part!

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