The Jackson House

The Jackson House, Reynolds Plantation

Having watched my parents renovate our family home over the past year, I can understand the love and bond one can form with a house. On Reynolds Plantation property stands the Jackson House. Built in 1883, the steamboat gothic architectural masterpiece welcomes the members, their guests, and other visitors into the gates of this sought after golf community.

For many years the Jackson House belonged to Mary Davis and William Reid Jackson, built as their in-town home and located right next to the First Baptist Church in downtown Greensboro. The story of the Jackson family and that of my own family is very similar. They had five children, as do my parents, and the Jackson’s five kids were born and raised in the home. It sat next to the church and my parents home is a mere hundred yards from the exact spot the Jackson’s laid their heads for so many years. Many of the Jackson children went on to marry at the house. Next year, I will marry on the front steps of my parents home thanks to the incredible effort they have made to restore and conserve the memories of our childhood.

Every story needs a connection and there most certainly is one between Reynolds Plantation and the Jackson House. Fannie Stocks Jackson, one of the Jackson daughters, married James Madison Reynolds, and they went on to have a son, James Madison Reynolds, Jr. who was born there in the home. It was he who grew up and along with his cousin, Mercer Reynolds, Sr., went on to acquire the land that is known today as Reynolds Plantation. First Baptist Church deemed it not feasible for them to restore the old home, Mercer and James felt differently, so in 1988 they had the home moved to it’s current location which proved to be no easy task! Off came the roof, the walls of the second story had to be dismantled, and the first story was literally sawed in half. I remember, as a little girl, watching from the front yard as the home was trucked away, not knowing at the time it’s incredible significance or what it would go on to mean to Reynolds Plantation. Today, having been striped and restored to the original colors of the home, the home sits high on a hill as you enter the community. Streets similar to that which it was originally built upon were recreated by the Reynolds family in order to restore as much of it originality as possible. It now serves as the welcoming center to those who visit here and office space to those who help maintain Reynolds as one of the most prestigious golf communities in the world. It remains one of the last examples of steamboat gothic architecture standing today in the United States!


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